Smart Ways to Leverage your Personal Network Marketing for Leads

Let’s say you have done a fantastic job on your network marketing site and now you want the world to see it. But how will they see it? You might post your content on social media but nobody is watching it. Then, how will you gain new quality customers?

Being a marketer is hard, especially when you have to keep finding new avenues for the growth of your company. It can get really exhausting. Whenever you try something completely new, it takes a lot of time and energy without the guarantee that it will be a success.

So, there is no easy way to acquire new quality customers but it does not have to be that tough and stressful. You can acquire new customers and create leads by simply leveraging your personal network marketing.

You just need to use your previous customer acquisition works to extend your reach. Try to use your current customers and your known ideas to extend your reach, which will be successful and easier than creating it from scratch. It does not cost your business anything.

So, you must be thinking, how do I leverage my personal network for lead generation for sales? 

Well, there are many ways to leverage your network but you need to be smart while choosing the ways. So, here are some smart ways to leverage your personal network for online lead generation.

1. Customer Engagement

Nothing in this world is perfect and neither is your business, which makes the improvement area of your business networking an endless zone. 

And one of the best ways to know the areas in which you need improvement is through the customers. They are the best source available to refine the value that you provide them.

Customer engagement is the most important in business. So, start inquiring about what they love and dislike about your business. 

Ask them what service they would like to have. See to their suggestion and request. This will make them feel that they are valued and you get valuable insights on what your customer need and how your networking marketing business can grow.

Make customer the center of your company, make it your moto and vision. Bringing in customer voice in every decision. Literally wear customer hat. Do customer surveys very regularly and follow first few customers very closely.

Engage to understand your customers better and built an affiliation with the market for the availability of possible options.

2. Provide Referrals

The most convenient and obvious way to leverage your personal network is through referrals. This usually works on the ethics that your customers are given as many chances as possible to share the information or refer to your business to their friends and family. 

This is commonly done by calls to action on your website, in your email and other online tools. 

Try to reach higher quality prospects if possible because referrals literally don’t cost you anything and are socially proven to increase your conversion rate with referrals over other channels.

Join, where you can share referrals, market together. Get 2% transaction commission of your referrals and get paid for their referrals too. This platform also has got a ton of services that will immensely help grow business, either free or discounted. 

3. Credibility

One of the most important factors of a company or business is its credibility. The credibility of a company is proof of its trustworthiness and quality. So how one does increases the credibility of its company? 

When people want to buy something they want to know that what they are buying is worth their money, and who can better assure them then your current customers. 

Build the credibility of your company through customer reviews. Try encouraging your customers to leave reviews about your business.

This can be done by using the NPS tool or market automation. You can also create a customer advocate program that works by rewarding your customers to leave valuable reviews.

Engage to implement the right marketing automation technology in your business according to your needs.


So, now that you got some suggestions on some smart ways to leverage your personal network marketing for leads, don’t wait up. Go straight ahead and start engaging the right methods. Don’t lose patience just keep working and in no time at all, you will successfully leverage your personal network among huge masses. 

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May 7, 2020

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