service credit contest

Small Business Service Credit Solutions from Collaberos 2020 Intake

5 Small Businesses to Win Service Credit of
$15,000* Each

All Small Businesses That Apply Will be Accepted on Collaberos.

Due by April 15, 2020


How to Apply

Fill out the form below to apply for a slot to get free service credit

  • Totally Virtual competition.
  • You do not need to appear in person and there is no physical venue or event.
  • Just apply and get free service credit.
  • You should be a resident in the country you are applying from, and legally allowed to work
  • Collaberos is industry agnostic
  • Those who apply in advance will have a better chance to win, as our judges will have more time to review them


Extended Credit Period

Expand, invest, build, buy, and partner—meet business needs at speed.

  • 5 winners will be selected and will receive a maximum of $ 15,000 (in services) from Collaberos /partners in exchange for a participation of 3 to 8%.
  • This will be apart from any investment that you may be offered by accredited investors who may be part of this exercise.
  • All the small businesses applying will be accepted to our program, though they may not get free service credit.
  • Any free service credit is to be used for building your MVP. It cannot be used for your own salaries or personal expenses, or renting out office / outlet premises, unless explicitly agreed by the investor.
  • All small businesses that apply will be accepted in our free virtual incubation program, but free service credit may not be guaranteed.

Terms & Conditions


This may be a side-hustle, but should be able to show commitment. (If you are working on your small businesses full time, no financial commitment is required. However, if you have another engagement / day job, you may have to show your investment, unless you are able to contribute 15 hours a week.)

Must be a pre-seed.

Must be a pre-seed or seed company.

small businesses

The small businesses should not have raised more than $ 50,000 in loans as services.


Any decisions made by Collaberos Evaluation Board will be final and no discussions will be entertained on the same.


April 15

Applications closed


April 20

Finalists announced.

April 28

Start of the 2020 cohort


October 05

End of cohort

* Any amount mentioned is for crowdsourcing. Although investors can also invest as a fund, this is not guaranteed.

How to Register

Create your company profile on

*Check this question at the bottom of your profile: Are you looking to apply for Collaberos CrowdSourcing?

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