Mission & Vision


Bringing small businesses together to help each other in a closed group to increase the odds of success, and provide a platform lined up with the resources and services they need most.


Bring hundred thousand entrepreneurs work together by 2020 and double their revenue.


Bring entrepreneurs together in small local groups to work like one single organization sharing resources, with a guiding value of mutual help, making it easier to succeed in business and personal life.


The objective of Collaberos is to increase the odds of success of small businesses by providing a free platform to:

  • Bring together a small bunch of non competing local businesses into a close- knit group of members that help each other
  • Provide services and resources most critical to their success in an easy to access and affordable way
  • Provide advisory and research services to make sure they get timely feedback in all critical turning points
  • Provide a common process structure using internationally accepted minimum standard ways of working
  • Develop an internal feedback mechanism to help entrepreneurs make decisions early or before getting to the market.
  • Help build a customer base using joint marketing campaigns
  • Refer customers to each other once trust develops
  • Build a social-emotional support system to assist them in the highs and lows of entrepreneurial life, binding closely with the birds of their own kind – entrepreneurs – together.
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