Mastermind Group

The chapter meets every month for around 2-3 hours, usually evenings.
Attendance is mandatory.

The Agenda Includes:

Introduction by Team Members

60 seconds pitch practice, pass business cards folder. Welcome new members.

Topics of Common Interest

Providing training & technical assistance on a topic of common interest.

Referral Exchanges

Evaluate the ideas for overall organization development and effectiveness.

Monthly Targets

Performance during the previous month, what are the issues faced, what is planned for next month?

Analyzing Community Problems

Discussion of issues faced by every member (one issue per member.)

Common Marketing Campaigns

Plan for marketing together as a team or with a few members. Assessment and feedback of the performance of the team.

Virtual Meetings & Conferencing

There will be a virtual meeting every month, attendance of which is not mandated, though encouraged. Our virtual meetings and conferencing service support a key pillar of your digital transformation. Virtual meetings do more than simply boost productivity. They also enable you to schedule multi-team engagements, real-time collaboration, and shorten cross-divisional time to project buy-in.

Available Features for Virtual Meetings & Conferencing

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