Community Outreach

Leveraging Community Outreach for Business Growth

Community Involvement Marketing – Children, Charities, Social Causes, Civic, etc.

Connecting to Communities in a Non Business Context

People are less defensive in

Creating Bonding

Creating Goodwill at a Personal Level

The Downside is

Social Initiatives are Time Consuming


You have Limited Manpower


Limited Financial Resources


That’s where Collaberos comes in with a permanent but shared infrastructure mechanism and workforce that will manage these initiatives end to end for several small businesses.

Collaberos Engages Children in Local Communities

How we do this is by organizing:

  • Social and Creative Fun Activities

  • Building Stronger Communities

  • Preventing them from Engaging in Undesirable Activities

Collaberos organizes Online Contests (Painting, StoryWriting, etc.) and Events in the community.

Leading Charity Initiatives of Local Relevance

Locally important initiatives are not only a great way to get the attention of your customers, but also a great way to build relationships.

These initiatives could be around


Churches or Charities


The Environment


Town, or Civic Issues


Other Issue of Local Relevance


Collaberos uses the CharityTeq Platform for this.

Bringing The Community Together

Bring people in local Communities together for something as simple as a


Movie Night


Picnic in the Park

Your chapter can work on any type of community event they like.

Collaberos Manages from End to End

Everything is managed by the Collaberos Team.

Businesses just need to:


Choose the communities they want to target


Commit to the expense of $2 per person reached


And Share marketing collaterals for branding

If there are 250 people in a community, it would cost around $500, including the cost of marketing, event administration, staffing the event where required, and food expenses.

Our Businesses can handle the marketing and event staffing responsibilities and reduce expenses.

So, How Does this Help Your Business


Reach out to everyone in the community multiple times (we have printed postcards, emails and text,) all with sponsor’s branding.


The prize for the winner is published in the community along with the prize sponsorship info.


Your branding on the website contest pages that everyone visits to upload.


You get to be part of the event, and make your presence felt.

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