About Collaberos Work

What is Collaberos?

Collaberos is an International Small Business Network that brings together non-competing local entrepreneurs into a closed group that support each other, by buying from each other, giving feedback, sharing advise, and once they develop trust, even referring customers.

FREE to join a network that brings businesses together to collectively work like one large company.

We hold a world-class annual conference each to bring various communities together, there by to get them more inspired, networked and activated.

How We Help!

Maximize Your Professional Network

  • A network of professionals that understand each other
  •  Helping each other by buying from each other
  •  Buying products and services together
  •  Do things together at a large scale
Network with local Business Owners
Service marketplace

Expand Your Service Marketplace

    • A host of free and deeply discounted services
    • Market together, and do very many things together
    • Members only e-commerce marketplace
    • Each team gets a dedicated team to set you up for success

Find Distributors & Sales Agents

  • Business Coach
  • Marketing manager
  • Business Assistant
  • A host of support services at a deep discount
agent sales

Who is This For



  • Has to be in business for at least one year. If you are a startup, consider joining www.hachteq.com
  • Should have done a business of at least $20,000 during previous two years
  • Only one person from each trade can join a chapter
  • Should be able to provide two references

Membership Types


  • Free services (worth $100 sign up bonus)
  • Discount on all services on Collaberos network
  • Accumulate points for various activities on the network
  • Ability to use points to buy products and service
  • Get affiliate commission for all referrals

Gold members

  • All benefits available to free members
  • Monthly service of $500
  • Avail Marketplace and support services
  • discounts for everything on Collaberos network
  • Avail premium platform services (BC, AM, MM, SA)

Chapter Leaders

  • All benefits available to Gold members
  • Establish a city-based Local Chapter
  • Can create events/meeting

Chapter members

  • All benefits available to Gold members
  • Be a part of closed groups who help each other

Chapter Manager

  • Admin of the Chapter. Have complete access.

Business Coach

  • Can create events.

Personal Assistant

  • Admin of the Chapter. Have complete access.


  • Can create events.

Collaberos Admin

  • Collaberos network SuperAdmin.
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